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Why Use Home Watch?
Frequently Asked Questions


Why is a Home Watch service important?

The reality is that vacant property can run the risk of sustaining thousands of dollars worth of damage due to a small concern going unnoticed, and therefore, unresolved. For example, a simple leak or a single rodent can cause significant structural compromises over an extended period of time. Maintain the integrity of your building by having Henderson Home Watch Services perform due diligence on your property at regular intervals, while you rest easy.

Who needs Home Watch services?

Home Watch services are ideal for seniors who spend months away in vacation homes, those who travel often for business, vacant homes in real estate, inherited estates, or assets owned by a bank.

How often is the property visited?

The frequency at which Henderson Home Watch visits your property is determined by requirements set by you. Our plans have the flexibility to accommodate the needs of each unique client. We recommend that you consider the terms of your insurance, or we can work with you insurance provider to obtain that information for you.

Who visits the property?

Our Home Watch service is provided by staff who are fully vetted and trained in the complete inspection program designed for the safety of your home. Our professionals are also run through a police background (CPIC) check.

How does this affect insurance?

By working with your insurance provider to determine the required frequency for inspections, your homeowner’s insurance policy should be sufficient in the occurrence of loss or damages. Henderson Home Watch holds coverage of liability insurance and failure to perform insurance for this type of work – for your peace of mind.

Is there a contract involved?

For your protection and the protection of Henderson Total Maintenance, there is an agreement in place that outlines the customized services selected, the date range for the required services, and the frequency of visits. It is only valid within the dates outlined on the agreement.