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Home Watch Service
For Vacations or Vacant Homes
What is Home Watch?
Vacation and Vacant Home Inspections

In our colder months of the year, Ontario residents are inclined to vacation southward to warmer climates – particularly those of a retired nature – for months at a time. Every so often, business owners and employees are required to leave their homes for an extended period on business. During these times, Henderson Total Maintenance is at hand to serve homeowners peace of mind with scheduled trusted vacation inspections. Whether you’re working or simply getting away, long or short term, you can breathe easy by booking our weekly Home Watch Inspections for your next outing.

Ask about our regular property inspections for your vacation home, seasonal residence, or estate inheritance. We will ensure that your home is secure and looks lived in as long as you are away.

house watch services home vacation inspections
Why do I need Home Watch?
Protect your Largest Investment
house watch service vacant home inspections

Many home owners are under the impression that having a neighbour retrieve the mail and check the windows every few days will suffice for home safety.

What proprietors don’t realise is that not only are they risking their home’s pipes, heating or air conditioning systems by failing to implement regular inspections, but also that their home owner’s insurance may not cover any seasonal damage because they neglected to designate a party to the official care of their largest investment.

There is the potential for thousands of dollars in damage in the misfortunes that could befall an unwatched home. Henderson Home Watch is prepared to step in at any time should we come across a situation that requires immediate attention, and with your prior permission will ensure all concerns are corrected in a safe and professional manner. If needed, we can provide rapid response full-home contractor repair and yard maintenance services with five million dollars in liability insurance coverage so you can rest easy.

Your windows and doors will be securely locked upon completion of our inspection, and you will be notified or any concerns that might need to be discussed or addressed.

Henderson Home Watch is the name to trust with the care of your prime assets while you’re away. Know that your home is being cared for with the visit schedule and inspections required by your insurance company.

Ranges for our Weekly Inspections
Survey exterior for forced entry attempts or vandalism
Clear yard of debris from wind and storms
Replace burnt out light bulbs
Clear away unwanted flyers/newspapers to obscure any allusion of vacancy
Observe possible roof damage or drainage issues
Check main gas shutoff valve
Survey garage and start vehicles on a monthly basis

Inspect circuit box for tripped breakers and investigate cause
Test lights and replace as needed
Replace batteries in smoke/CO detectors, test for proper functionality
Ensure heating/cooling functioning at appropriate seasonal settings, change filters if required
Check AC/water heater for leakage
Inspect ceilings, walls, floors for water damage
Run water to prevent taps from drying out
Check major appliances for abnormal operation
Ensure proper refrigeration temperatures in fridges/freezers
Inspect, dispose, and replace mouse traps as needed
Water plants and flowers
Feed fish or other animals
Additional Coordinated Services as Needed:
Snow removal of driveway and sidewalk
Lawn mowing and weeding care
Garbage removal
Cleaning Services
Maintenance Services
Contractor Repairs