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Post-Construction Cleaning Services
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New Builds and Renovations Should Look the Part
post construction commercial cleaning professional

There is a lot of work to be done when a new building has reached the end of its construction phase. Trust in Henderson Total Maintenance to bring your property from completed to show-ready. Dust and debris can settle for days. Our thorough cleaning from top to bottom of the structure, including ventilation, will ensure your property is immaculate, with that squeaky clean, brand-new finish.

This thorough cleaning is perfect for offices and commercial storefront renovations, and for new constructions of larger buildings such as hospitals, libraries, concert halls, and universities.

Scope of Services
Shiny and Brand New Effect
professional floor cleaning
Hard Floor Surfaces
Make those new floors glimmer as they should. We perform VCT cleaning, sealing and waxing; safe hardwood floors cleaning; and linoleum, laminate and sheet vinyl cleaning for that flawless shine.
professional carpet cleaners
Carpet Cleaning
After construction, whether the carpets are old or new, they are thoroughly cleaned with a high temperature truck mount unit to ensure they have that brand new look upon turnover to your client.
office window cleaners
Windows and Frames
The glass is cleaned for that spotless shine, all stickers are removed, and window frames are cleaned. We are able to access windows of any size in any location.
new building hvac cleaning
New and refurbished buildings need to have the HVAC ducts cleaned to remove drywall dust, debris and any other surprises that may be inside the walls. Don't risk poor air quality on property turnover.
construction surfaces cleaning
Drywall Dust and All Surfaces
All surfaces in every room are wiped clean of all debris, including cloth and wooden finishes, while bright work and chrome is polished for that immaculate shine.
Why We're the Best Choice

We are a trusted, established business averaging over 750,000 square feet per year. Before completion of any project, a deficiencies walk-through is performed. Should any issues be found, they are corrected until your satisfaction is met. When you are happy - we will be happy.

We are Kingston’s only company with IHSA's Basics of Supervision certified participants with appropriate training to lead work crews on construction sites within Eastern Ontario. Every crew member is IHSA trained with the most current Working-at-Heights certification.

All relevant paperwork for health and safety policies, tool box talks, and insurances are up to date and ready to go. We work directly with your health and safety officer to ensure everything is in place before commencing any work on your site.