Our Story

The beating heart and driving force behind Henderson Total Maintenance is a well-connected individual who has provided years of positive impacts on the community: a past president of the Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce; an executive member of the Kingston Home Builders Association; and a member of the Kingston Construction Association. He understands what it takes for his associates to deliver on their no-excuse delivery of service policy.

Our Memberships

Celebrating 30 Years

With 25 years of experience serving Kingston and the surrounding area, our longevity is a testament to our attention to detail and professionalism, as are our highly-regarded clients that entrust our team with the complete maintenance of their site.

Why choose Henderson Total Maintenance?


With our service guarantee, we ensure our promise is delivered by performing quality control inspections and same-day deficiency resolution to meet client satisfaction.


We function entirely in the background so you can focus on running your business, and encompass all areas of maintenance so you don’t need to source the solutions yourself.


We are completely transparent with what we do and how long it will take us, so that you can make an informed decision to meet the needs of your business.


The roots of the company begin with a singular man cleaning basements from his truck. When he noticed a dirty floor in a commercial building, he discovered that janitorial promises were not being fulfilled and offered to remedy the situation. When he was asked if he would cover grass cutting and snow removal, he added those services to the firm’s repertoire as well.

Now, Henderson Total Maintenance is proud to offer a full line of services that will ensure managers’ time is well spent managing and growing their business interests instead of wasting time and money on their current service provider’s growth.

We offer full general contracting and renovations, national retail chain maintenance and repairs, post-construction cleanup. We have the only certified construction supervisor for post-construction cleaning in Kingston, and with our diverse and bountiful resources we can follow through on any and all of your building maintenance needs. This is what we mean by ‘Total’ Maintenance.

Quality Control Inspections and Qualified Complaints

Henderson Total Maintenance functions within the belief that you should be able to run your business without a single thought or concern towards the maintenance and cleanliness of your business property. A property owner or manager has enough on their plate; running your business is your niche, keeping the building flawless is ours. As such, our management will perform quality control inspections on a regular basis to ensure our quality of service remains consistent.

Henderson Total Maintenance is committed to dispatching an agent within an hour of receiving a complaint, and seeing that the identified issue is rectified in the same night. An additional inspection will take place the following day to confirm the client’s satisfaction with the correction.

At Henderson Total Maintenance we are dedicated to being accessible to our clients, who can expect their phone calls to be answered by a human or be returned within 20 minutes in the event all lines are busy.

Complete Trusted Background Functionality

We operate completely in the background of your business, ready at all times to provided needed services as required, saving you the time by not having to source them yourself. We pride ourselves on honest and full coverage for as many cleaning and maintenance tasks as you have deemed essential, all within your needs and your budget.

Our established process for quoting cleaning services is an industry-recognised standard. All guesswork is removed from the equation entirely by following international cleaning standards. This ensures that the proper amount of time is taken to consistently maintain the services to the standard we keep and what you should expect from us.

This all-encompassing client needs assessment ensures a flexible and personalised approach to each and every commercial property owner and manager we support. It is our guarantee that the scope of work will be laid out step-by-step, and that you will be educated on every specification and the length of time expected to perform each task. Most of all, we guarantee that those expectations will be met and the outline properly delivered.

Did you know that a clean workplace raises employee morale as well as your company image? With the added bonus of reduced sick days thanks to germs disinfecting and the good conscience of using environmentally-aware products, our health and safety conscious cleaners add financial benefit to your cleaning regimen.

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