Post Fire and/or Water Damage: Unsalvageable and Damaged Goods

Should a fire or flood create damages to the property and/or house hold items, we provide fully trained staff for removal and tracking of all damaged items for disposal.

Our staff will provide highly detailed damaged item description logs as items and furniture are deemed unsalvageable during all pack outs. These logs include matching photos, camera cards and inventory lists so that visual representation is available to aid in the insurance restoration process.

Our service provides for any sized roll-off container rental with extreme caution and thought put into the placing of each container so as to not further damage any property. The removal and disposal of all unsalvageable and damaged items is also included in our pack out service portfolio.

Post Fire and/or Water Damage: Salvageable and Slightly or Undamaged Goods

Once the determination has been made as to the condition of a home’s contents, all remaining items are carefully packed so they can be transported for cleaning. We even take into consideration all of the food in cupboards, refrigerators and freezers to minimize losses.

All items are then transported to our facility for cleaning and inventory prior to storage. Staff meticulously clean every item no matter how delicate, ensuring that once the home is ready for habitation, so are the salvageable items. Clothes and other dry goods like curtains can also be taken for washing or dry cleaning.

As items are cleaned, pictures are taken and itemized descriptions are created along with inventory lists. All items are then packed into new boxes to make them ready for storage. Every box is numbered with an inventory list detailing its contents so that clients can see at a glance what is inside each box should they need to retrieve items from storage while they await restoration of their home. All furniture and boxes are then transported to a storage facility.

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